Matt Eich - The Seven Cities

Publisher Sturm & Drang

ISBN 9783906822334

Idea Code 20141

Conceived as a four-part series, Matt Eich’s 'The Seven Cities' is the third volume in 'Invisible Yoke', which takes a hard look at the people America seems to have forgotten about. Here, Eich turns his focus on Virginia, the state he calls home. These pictures exist as the by-product of his obsessive documentation of family and community over a fourteen-year period. The people in these images are older now, if they are even still alive. The landscape changes almost before our very eyes. What will be left in 20 years, in 50? It seems likely that copies of this book may outlast many of the homes depicted.

136 p, ills colour, 25 x 25 cm, hb, English


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