Berlin 2013/1983: Daniel Young And Christian Giroux (2 Vols)

Publisher Arch+ Verlag

ISBN 9783931435424

Idea Code 17625

Canadian artists Daniel Young and Christian Giroux created a non-hierarchical inventory of buildings realized in Berlin in 2013, juxtaposing them with those from a generation earlier. Using a strictly analytical approach, the documentation of more than 750 pairs of buildings began at the city’s north-west periphery. The artists scanned the urban fabric for structures from the specified years, subverting presupposed lines of differentiation, chronologies, and dichotomies between the present and the period preceding the fall of the Berlin Wall, as well as the ideological distinction between East and West Berlin. This double volume is the print rendering of their cinematic installation.

500 p, ills in colour, 16 x 19 cm, pb, German/English


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