Andre Luetzen - Zhili Byli

Leonid A. Klimov

Publisher Peperoni Books

ISBN 9783941825666

Idea Code 14578

André Lützen travelled to the far north of Russia to spend time in a little-known place that is hardly found in guidebooks: Arkhangelsk. It’s cold and wet, the river is frozen, the streets are grey, the buildings dilapidated. The city’s 350,000 inhabitants live in prefabricated housing blocks or simple wooden houses. They are settled in their unspectacular homes, among patterned wallpaper, televisions and familiar objects, prepared for the long, cold winter. Lützen enters these domestic realms, making pictures of how these people live, how they arrange themselves in this habitat in the middle of nowhere, both indoors and outside. With an essay by Leonid A. Klimov.

88 p, ills colour, 24 x 22 cm, hb, German/English


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