Andre Luetzen - Inside Out Kochi

Publisher Peperoni Books

ISBN 9783941825901

Idea Code 16099

Kochi was the centre of Indian spice trade for many centuries, and continued to thrive during the European Age of Discovery, witnessing encounters between different groups and communities at various points in history. Its complex connections to the world via religion, trade, and culture blossomed and subsequently faded. Today, it is cosmopolitan and brutally impoverished, yet the region still clings to tales of a glorious past. André Lützen’s captivating photographs cast a respectful eye on the city’s larger history to make suggestive and subtle links between image and commentary, eschewing sentimentality in favour of raw emotion. With a text by Riyas Komu.

88 p, ills colour, 24 x 22 cm, hb, English


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