We Don't Know God - Chim Pom 2005-2019

Publisher United Vagabonds

ISBN 9784908600036

Idea Code 19449

The first fully bilingual monograph of this artists’ collective established in Tokyo in 2005, ‘We Don’t Know God’ shows how the five men and one woman who are Chim  Pom have never limited their actions in the Japanese context. Frequent travellers, they have worked in places around the world to confront global challenges in their own ways, creating remarkably audacious and inventive, often playful and satiric, intervention projects to negotiate with the different social and political conditions they encountered. They have also experimented in producing informal artistic and architectural projects, which derive from the legacy of Japanese post-war avant-garde movements.

292 p, ills colour & bw, 19 x 26 cm, hb, Japanese/English


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