Yona Friedman Slide Shows Boxed Set

Yona Friedman

Publisher Power Station Of Art

ISBN 9787553503745

Idea Code 16624

Since the mid-20th century, Hungarian-born French architect Yona Friedman has developed his concept of “mobile architecture”, according to which housing and town planning should be conceived by its users and integrate the unpredictability of their future behaviour. ‘Slide Shows’ is a three-volume box set containing over 1500 original drawings and texts by Friedman in which he communicates his personal understanding of the multiple ways of thinking about architecture, urbanism, the world, and more through a series of stick figures with dialogue balloons. Each volume has its own theme: ‘Architecture’, ‘Guidebook for Visitors from Outer Space’, and ‘About the Universe’.

658 p, ills in bw, 16 x 24 cm, pb, English/Chinese/French


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Yona Friedman  Slide Shows Boxed Set