Iabr 2014 - Urban By Nature (Eng. Ed)

G. Brugmans ; J. Strien E.a.

Publisher Iabr

ISBN 9789080957268

Idea Code 14296

Curated by landscape architect Dirk Sijmons, IABR 2014 claims the world’s environmental problems can only be resolved by addressing the problems of the city. Seeking to redefine how we deal with urban challenges by analysing our relationship with nature, it sees the city as an integral part of the urban landscape, a complex system that has become our natural environment. This approach opens possibilities to develop spatial interventions that make use of its metabolism. The work of three IABR project studios is featured, presented alongside essays and information about conferences, lectures and events.

272 p, ills colour, 17 x 24 cm, pb, English