Rop Van Mierlo - Some Logic

Publisher Rop Van Mierlo

ISBN 9789081612241

Idea Code 14145

Amsterdam-based graphic designer Rop van Mierlo follows his lauded, self-published ‘Wild Animals’ with yet another book filled with colourful and cheerful paintings of animals. His wet-on-wet painting style results in amorphous, fuzzy shapes, but with skilful application these vibrant blobs are still recognisable as various wild and domesticated animals. His pigeon practically struts across the page, the bats sleep fitfully upside down, a fiery orange horse thunders through a white field, the crocodile raises its head from the morass, two goats peer curiously at the reader, and so on. Van Mierlo’s eye-catching and unrestrained images can thus be appreciated by all ages.

32 p, ills colour, 22 x 31 cm, hb, English


This title is out of print.