Gerco De Ruijter Almost Nature

Dirk Van Weelden

Publisher Lecturis

ISBN 9789462261631

Idea Code 15763

Since 1990, landscape photographer Gerco de Ruijter has made abstract images from above using rods and kites. In his photography and films, he explores the boundaries of the recognizable and the reducible presentation of the landscape. De Ruijter’s work is a quest for both purely natural scenery and the wholly cultivated landscape, and all gradations in between. He seeks to reveal the structured order that humans have made of the landscape, as well as the natural processes, like erosion, that cause change over time. The book contains familiar scenes, such as Dutch tree nurseries, plus surreal photographs produced in places like Dubai, Iceland, and the United States.

264 p, ills colour, 30 x 30 cm, pb, English


This title is out of print.