Thinking Conditioning Through Practice

Alex Arteaga, Heike Langsdorf (eds)

Publisher Art Paper Editions

ISBN 9789490800840

“Thinking Conditioning Through Practice” is the first book of the series “Choreography as Conditioning”. Generated through a series of work gatherings, organized under the rubric CASC at KASK (Gent) and running over a period of three years, they explore the notions of choreography and conditioning in both “art making” and “society making”. “Choreography” is understood here in its widest sense, as a way of organising subjects in their surroundings, while “conditioning” refers to inducing states or situations we experience every day. With contributions by Alex Arteaga, Julia Barrios de la Mora, Heike Langsdorf and Kristof Van Baarle, among others.

96 p, no ills, 11 x 18 cm, pb, English


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Thinking Conditioning Through Practice