Tables To Meet - Erik Kessels, Erik Steinbrecher, Erik Van Der Weijde

Publisher 4478zine

ISBN 9789491047053

Idea Code 14293

Three photographers who share the same name have planned to meet each other in person for a long time. The only obstacle to this is that one lives in the Netherlands, one in Germany and the third in Brazil. In the meantime, they began exchanging pictures of tables, each one a possible table at which to hold their prospective meeting. Those many pictures of tables are now assembled in this unusual book, printed in greyscale on bright blue paper with an orange cover. Every kind of table imaginable is here, along with some objects not intended to be tables but which could function that way if needed. Still, the Eriks have yet to actually meet…

320 p, ills bw, 16 x 22 cm, hb, English


This title is out of print.