Juha Varto - The Sins Of The Fathers

Juha Varto

Publisher Aalto University

ISBN 9789526060750

Society has become educative. Even those areas of life that have nothing to do with growing up or education have become part of the pedagogic revolution, with the probable aim of defeating original sin once and for all. The army, working life, competitive sports, family, intimate relationships, health, religion and art have become pedagogic projects. Juha Varto’s intention is to highlight topics and forms of speech in education. Even without education, everyone naturally becomes something, but some do not cope, and some turn into outcasts. In most cases, the reason for this lies in abstract issues, in what is missing, and, especially, in things left unspoken.

280 p, no ills, 13 x 20 cm, pb, English


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Juha Varto - The Sins Of The Fathers