Immortal - Lost Memoirs Of Cornelia Dulac Concerning The Freshwater Polyp Hydra

Maija Tammi ; Ville Tietavainen

Publisher Aalto University

ISBN 9789526089621

Idea Code 20116

Canadian biologist Cornelia Dulac has been missing since 2014. Her audiotapes were discovered at a remote cabin in Eastern Finland, itself a fully-equipped research laboratory with a freshwater well, gasoline for a generator, and a year’s supply of food. She had been researching hydra, a seemingly immortal freshwater polyp. Obviously, something interrupted Dulac’s plans. But the police do not suspect foul play and there are no leads. This book by artist Maija Tammi and illustrator and graphic designer Ville Tietäväinen combines scientific research, art, and storytelling in a complex visualisation of the regenerative hydra while delving into Dulac’s obsession.

128 p, ills colour & bw, 20 x 22 cm, hb, English


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