Evgenia Arbugaeva - Tiksi

Publisher Aman Iman Publishing

ISBN 9791092727036

Idea Code 15523

“Once upon a time in Siberia, on the shores of the Arctic Ocean, in a warm bed in a small town, a little girl woke up from a dream…” So begins the brief narrative accompanying this magnificent series of photographs by Evgenia Arbugaeva. Although educated in New York and working as a freelance photographer since 2009, she was born in the town of Tiksi, located in the Russian Arctic. In her personal work, Arbugaeva often investigates her homeland, discovering and capturing this remote northern world and the people who inhabit it. The icy white expanses and bright colours of the town’s buildings and the little girl’s clothing are sharply and beautifully rendered.

76 p, ills colour, 29 x 24 cm, hb, English


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