Conversations 2 By Remi Coignet (English)

Publisher Aman Iman Publishing

ISBN 9791092727180

Idea Code 16643

Since 2008, Rémi Coignet has pursued engagements with those artists that inspire him, and for whom the photobook is an essential form in their work. In this book, a selection of more than 20 photographers, publishers and curators reread their respective work, and reveal their intentions in the process. It is Coignet’s hope that from these interviews a geography of contemporary photography will emerge. A set of nearly twenty new talks with major players in contemporary photography: Erik Kessels, Gerhard Steidl, Martin Parr, Stéphanie Solinas, Joan Fontcuberta, Patrick Feigenbaum, Alec Soth, Joan Fontcuberta, Christian Patterson, Mariken Wessels, and many more.

224 p, no ills, 13 x 20 cm, pb, English


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Conversations 2 By Remi Coignet  (English)