50 Urban Blocks 2 (Cards) - How To Use Form, Floor Area Ratio & Density

Publisher A+t Architecture Publishers

ISBN 9788409253555

Idea Code 21052

This set of cards consists of ten families of mixed-use urban forms. Each family develops a proposal for grouping and occupying an area according to the same formal pattern. All of the proposals seek a balance between permeability, the relationship with the environment, and the protection of the interior. On every card is a possible urban form together with height and density data, total living units, ground plans, and usage ratios. Measurements in metres, and axonometric diagrams offer a clear visual supplement to the data, illustrating the various spatial arrangements. The easy-to-use format offers inspiration for architects, designers, and urbanists everywhere.

55 cards, ills colour & bw, 8 x 13 cm, sheet, Spanish/English


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