Kiitsu Suzuki

Publisher Tokyo Bijutsu

ISBN 9784808710255

Idea Code 21143

Suzuki Kiitsu (1796–1858) was a Japanese painter of the Rinpa school. A student of the famous painter Sakai Hoitsu, he was for a long time considered a minor member of Rinpa school of Japanese painting. In recent years his work has been reevaluated and gained recognition, leading to a series of major exhibitions of his art in 2016-2017 in Tokyo, Hyogo, and Kyoto. Kiitsu is best known for his byōbu folding screens, often a reinterpretation of screens by other Rinpa artists, but he has been most acclaimed for his original screens.

148 p, ills colour, 18 x 26 cm, pb, Japanese


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