Sara Enrico - The Jumpsuit Theme

Denis Isaia E.a.

Publisher Nero

ISBN 9788880561255

'The Jumpsuit Theme' brings together works developed by Sara Enrico around the concept of the jumpsuit, in which its mutable skin becomes a sculptable casing, a malleable surface. It is the chosen site for a paradoxical, distorted recombining of bodies in a continuous evolution, driven by a social mechanism that transforms us, "turning us into the statues" of a present in decline, one in which each of us plays their part. The critical texts composed by Denis Isaia, Federico Zannoner, Francesco Guzzetti, Adam Budak, Shehab Awad and Giovanna Manzotti narrate the history and evolution of this piece of apparel between philosophy, art, fashion and costume.

152 p, ills colour, 24 x 28 cm, pb, Italian/English


Sara Enrico - The Jumpsuit Theme