Gerald Van Der Kaap - Iwantapermanentwave

Publisher Uitgeverij Duizend & Een

ISBN 9789071346507

Idea Code 18392

The new metro station at Europaplein in Amsterdam, besides fulfilling its public transport function, is an immersive experience. Upon entering the station, you find yourself inside a huge dromoscopic work of art. French cultural theorist Paul Virilio first coined the term “dromology”, which he defined as the “science (or logic) of speed”, and it is this concept that has inspired artist Gerald van der Kaap’s design for the station. In fact, there are two artworks, depending on your perception. One is visible as you stand on the platform. The other you see while riding the metro train, moving and blending as you look out the window. This book reveals the ideas behind the artwork.

48 p, ills colour & bw, 22 x 17 cm, hb, English


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