Stief Desmet - Paradise, Prototypes & Other Deconstructions

Publisher Art Paper Editions

ISBN 9789493146044

Idea Code 19116

What Stief Desmet invariably presents in his work, and again in Paradise, Prototypes & Other Deconstructions, is the fragmentary representation of something that is too agile and too fleeting in its totality – far too agile and fleeting – to be fully grasped. Paradox­ically enough, that ‘something’ cannot be equated to what we often call the ‘unreal’ beauty of supremely attractive people, or to colourful skies lled with billowing clouds, or even with artistic masterpieces. Nor is it related, in a non­-aesthetic sense, to the type of incident that is often characterised as ‘too good to be true’. That ‘something’ is unambiguously real – the absolute reality, namely, of an animal.

48 p, ills colour, 24 x 33 cm, pb, English


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