Suchan Kinoshita 15 Attempts dvd

Aliona Van Der Horst

Publisher Familie


Idea Code 14525

Suchan Kinoshita is an internationally acclaimed Dutch artist with German and Japanese roots. Her work reflects a fascination with the concept of not understanding things and viewing the world without preconceptions – letting go of expectations. As she claims, “Understanding is overrated. Not understanding is a far better starting point when it comes to relating to things around us.” The film takes this statement as its starting point. In the process, documentary film-maker Aliona van der Horst (along with the inhabitants of Brussels) gradually becomes part of the artist’s exploration in this playful, experimental and unpredictable film. Let chance guide you through it.

50 min, colour, 14 x 19 cm, DVD, Dutch/English/French


Suchan Kinoshita 15 Attempts dvd