Zurich Type Design. 70 Neue Textschriften

Rudolf Barmettler Ed.

Publisher Triest Verlag

ISBN 9783038630432

Idea Code 20501

Since the 1990s, font design has been revolutionised by new technologies that enabled a scalable and mathematically accurate representation of graphic elements without a loss of quality. These days, even older fonts are being resurrected, redrawn, and launched digitally. In Zurich, educators and students of type design are especially focusing on new text fonts for printing, screens, and wayfinding. This specialist volume edited by Rudolf Barmettler offers an in-depth look at the booming trend in font design, with 70 examples of text fonts designed in graduate courses, plus 17 cross-disciplinary essays on readability, font history, calligraphy, teaching type design, and much more.

288 p, ills colour & bw, 22 x 31 cm, pb, German/English


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