Tsuguya Inoue - The Burning Heaven

Publisher Little More

ISBN 9784898155066

Idea Code 19295

Tsuguya Inoue is often considered to be a graphic designer who is always pushing the limits of visual language. His avant-garde designs integrate photography and typography to form new ways of seeing the world. His intriguing series “The Burning Heaven” uses photographs of the sun, moon, light, water, oil, plants, and other things to create fictitious universes. The floating discs and cosmic swirls, all rendered in a stark spectrum of black, white, and greys, evoke unknown planetary bodies and mysterious dark matter, eclipses and solar flares, and the ebb and flow of universal energies that remain beyond our comprehension.

144 p, ills bw, 22 x 28 cm, hb, no text


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