Gajoen - A Museum Hotel Of Japan Beauty

Publisher Bss Bijutsu

ISBN 9784568120844

Idea Code 21429

In the interbellum period of the early 20th century, Japan enjoyed a fleetingly peaceful and vibrant Belle Époque. A diverse range of arts blossomed in the newly modernised nation, and it was during this time that entrepreneur Rikizo Hosokawa built the original Meguro Gajoen hotel. Sparing no expense, he purchased large numbers of works by Japanese artists, commissioned ceiling, wall, and transom paintings, and employed carpenters, gardeners, sculptors, and lacquer craftsmen to realise his vision. Today, the richly decorated rooms and interior spaces radiate this great creative endeavour. This book offers an eye-opening account of the landmark Tokyo hotel and its surprising heritage.

112 p, ills colour, 24 x 30 cm, hb, Japanese/English


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