The Road From Rimpa - Kamisaka Sekka And Yamamoto Taro

Publisher Seigensha

ISBN 9784861525216

Idea Code 15673

Born in 17th-century Kyoto, Rimpa is one of the major historical schools of Japanese painting. It saw a resurgence in the 19th century during the Edo period, and the tradition has even carried on until the present day. This publication focuses on two artists: Kamisaka Sekka, a “modern follower” who was active during the Meiji and Taisho periods, and is considered to be the last great proponent of the style; and the painter Yamamoto Taro, acclaimed by many as the representative of contemporary Rimpa. His works often include homages to Sekka in the form of similar motifs reworked with a modern flair. In short, it is a captivating comparison of these two talents.

166 p, ills colour, 18 x 26 cm, pb, Japanese/English


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