Yusuke Nishimura The Folk Japanese Performing Arts

Publisher Little More

ISBN 9784898154311

Idea Code 15757

Japan is home to a centuries-old tradition of folk performing arts, here captured in a marvellous portrait series by Yusuke Nishimura. The traditions have changed very little since their beginnings, and the various dance groups’ performances are a reflection of their geography, occupations, diets, and customs. Besides Shishimai (Deer Dance), Toramai (Tiger Dance), Kagura (Sacred Music and Dance), festivals and events with agricultural significance are also found throughout Japan, such as Taueodori (Rice Planting Dance). Nishimura photographs the costumed figures against black backgrounds, emphasising the vibrant colours and craftsmanship of each style of dress.

330 p, ills in colour, 21 x 26 cm, hb, Japanese/English