Azulejo Flowers - From The 15th Century Up To Now

Publisher Massimiliano Piretti Editore

ISBN 9788864761008

Idea Code 20408

The tin-glazed ceramic tilework known as ‘azulejo’ has a long tradition in Portugal and Spain. Its production was also widespread in former colonies and drew upon local influences. Azulejo artists were influenced by different movements and styles, from the ‘manuelino’ (mixing elements of Gothic, Mauritanian, and Indian motifs) to modernism and later 20th-century styles. Azulejos were often used in the 16th century to decorate church interiors, especially around the altar. Throughout the history of this ceramic tradition, flowers are a prominently recurring motif. From floral Arabesque patterns to modern interpretations, this collection features an array of beautiful examples.

304 p, ills colour, 23 x 30 cm, hb, English


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