The House Of Beauty And Culture

Kasia Maciejowska

Publisher Roma Publications

ISBN 9789491843686

Idea Code 16351

The House of Beauty and Culture (HOBAC) was an avant-garde boutique, design studio, and crafts collective in late 1980s London, with key figures like Judy Blame, John Moore, Cindy Palmano, and duo Fric and Frack. Until recently, HOBAC’s influence was widely felt, yet barely documented, part of a subculture rooted in artistic practice, post-punk rebellion, and resistance to mainstream culture and overproduction. Against a dire socio-political and economic backdrop, they were among the first to upcycle found materials and champion androgynous urban style. Through diligent research, interviews, and countless images, Kasia Maciejowska honours the group’s legacy.

154 p, ills colour & bw, 23 x 31 cm, pb, English