Selected Works Of Faramazr Pilaram

T. Maleki ; K. Motaghedi ; E.a.

Publisher Nazar Publishing

ISBN 9786001523311

Faramarz Pilaram was a major contributor to the rise of modernism and its subsequent developments in Iran during the 1960s and ’70s. He is also one of the main figures of the Saqqa-khaneh movement of neotraditional modern Iranian art, rooted in a history of coffee-house paintings and visual elements from Shi’ite Islam. Through his use of calligraphic forms in painting, Pilaram introduced combinations of letters as visual signs, devoid of any semantic function. His technique is also characterised by the use of geometric motifs and elements of religious architecture. This overview of his work reveals why Pilaram is considered the cornerstone of a new linguistic transformation in art.

350 p, ills colour, hb, Persian/English


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Selected Works Of Faramazr Pilaram