Seven Automatic Architectures And Other Exercises

Atelier Blumer

Publisher Corraini Edizioni

ISBN 9788875707149

Idea Code 18382

The exhibition ‘Seven Automatic Architectures’ by Atelier Blumer inaugurates a new exhibition structure designed by Swiss architect Mario Botta: the Theatre of Architecture, built in Mendrisio as a research tool in close dialogue with the Academy of Architecture. The exhibition is for all practical purposes a test of this new facility, and focuses on the concept of dialogue – interference between multiple disciplines that are not usually seen in a direct relation with the architectural work. The so-called “automatic machines” conceived and exhibited by students of Riccardo Blumer are based on the use of the body as an integral part of the architecture, which in turn determines transformations.

108 p, ills colour & bw, 14 x 22 cm, pb, Italian/English


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