Ini-Minimalism 1 Minimal Art For Little People

Eva Dijkstra

Publisher Twodot Publishing

ISBN 9780648106104

Idea Code 18068

This is minimalism for little people, a stack of colourful foldouts with different shapes cut out of each panel and a funny geometric creature hiding behind the artwork. But the bold, bright design also has a wider appeal. Conceived by Eva Dijkstra, a Dutch designer and co-founder of Toko graphic design studio, the cards are clever examples of less is more. Dijkstra’s practice covers branding and digital, spatial, and print design, and her output is intelligent, beautiful, and concept-driven, regardless of whether the brief is large or small. ‘Ini-minimalism’ is published by Twodot books, which aims to give children an introduction to art, design, geometry, colour, abstraction, and minimalism.

9 , ills colour, 13 x 13 cm, box, English


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