Play With Ukiyo-E - Children's And Toy Ukiyo-E In The Edo Period

Publisher Seigensha

ISBN 9784861526596

Idea Code 18097

Ukiyo-e, pictures of the floating world, are the cultural media that define the Edo Period in Japan, and their themes have a wide range. A considerable number of these prints feature children. The vibrant depictions of children at play, quarrelling, being spoiled by mothers and older sisters, or showing off talents surpassing their adult counterparts, evokes an enchanting world of discovery and nostalgia. Besides prints, Ukiyo-e artists also created toy paper crafts for children, known as Omocha-e. This book offers a rich overview of different types of Ukiyo-e, both about and for children, selected from among thousands of examples in the collection of the Kumon Institute of Education.

232 p, ills colour & bw, 21 x 15 cm, pb, Japanese/English summary


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