Obake Origami - Monster. Ghost, Yokai, Uma!?

Publisher Seigensha

ISBN 9784861527395

Idea Code 19396

Obake are a type of yokai, or preternatural creatures in Japanese folklore. The term literally means “a thing that changes”, referring to a state of transformation or shapeshifting. ‘Obake Origami’ might be inspired by these creatures, but the book also clearly mixes traditional Japanese imagery with familiar Halloween tropes from the West: bats, vampires, mummies, and the classic jack-o’-lantern. Each page offers a different foldable design with step-by-step instructions. Yousuke Jikuhara and Miki Takeda, who together comprise the graphic design team Cochae, have been exploring the “design of play” since 2003. This is just one in a series of their playful origami books.

100 p, ills colour, 16 x 16 cm, pb, Japanese/English


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