Dutch Alphabets - New Examples Of Writing & Lettering

M. Lommen ; P. Verheul Eds.

Publisher De Buitenkant

ISBN 9789490913595

Idea Code 17472

The Netherlands has a rich tradition of producing printed manuals for the teaching of handwriting and lettering, and in the 1830s, following the invention of lithography, printed lettering model books began to be published in great numbers internationally. Compiled by Mathieu Lommen and Peter Verheul, this limited edition, bound portfolio contains an introductory booklet and 46 plates featuring samples by some of today’s most prominent lettering artists, type designers, calligraphers, and sign painters. All of the contributors – among them Hansje van Halem, Nina Stössinger, René Knip, Max Kisman, and many more – are working and/or educated in the Netherlands.

50 , ills colour, 34 x 25 cm, sheet, English


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