Sweethearts Notebook Illustrator Atieh Bozorg Sohrabi

Publisher Nazar Publishers


Idea Code 20073

The ‘Sweethearts’ notebook, illustrated by Atieh Bozorg Sohrabi, is a place to jot down fleeting thoughts, make to-do lists, sketch and doodle, or perhaps even diarise day-to-day life. While leaving plenty of blank space for your own creativity, its pages are populated by big, whimsical ladies whose full-bodied curves and voluptuous exaggeration is both playful and provocative. The colourful palette of the bold patterns they wear derives from more traditional Iranian motifs, but drawn in this case with a generous dollop of pop culture and sass. One sweetheart even opens her chador to reveal a leopard-print unitard…

200 p, ills colour, 15 x 21 cm, pb, no text


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