Nicolas Combarro - Arquitectura Espontanea - Croquis

Publisher Cabeza De Chorlito


Idea Code 18633

‘Croquis’ is the fourth instalment of Spanish photographer and artist Nicólas Combarro’s “spontaneous architecture” series. The project is based on a particular vision of contemporary architecture that is free, unregulated, and spontaneously generated. The observation, documentation, and reflection around these images generates a diverse archive, starting from photography and evolving through various transformations: pictorial interventions, collages, and post-architectural sketches. The set forms a kind of laboratory, or even a cabinet of curiosities, where values that are generally hidden or even reviled are deconstructed or decontextualized, giving them new meaning and outlook.

40 p, ills bw, 15 x 30 cm, pb, Spanish


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