Ultrablack Of Music

Achim Szepanski Ed.

Publisher Mille Plateaux

ISBN 9783000648168

This book is the ultra-blackness manifesto: a Deleuzian reading of the philosophical and socio-political stakes of the current electronic music scene, marking the reactivation of the influential label Mille Plateaux, with texts by an ensemble of international musicians, artists, and theorists. 'Ultrablack of Music' speculates on the manifold ways in which the objective, inhuman soundworlds, which roar underneath humans' sensological apparatus, pervade and smoothly colonize our humanoid-alien, affective, and cognitive capacities – and how to construct ways out of the mess of the Master Rhythms of Sonic Thanaticist Capital and its stratagems of annihilation and pulpification.

268 p, ills bw, 19 x 27 cm, pb, English


Ultrablack Of Music