Adam Popo - Bums Looking Back

Publisher Voetnoot

ISBN 9789491738494

Sturdy buttocks and endless legs, tightly packed in colourful tights. More idea than body, more a variation on a graphic shape than part of a person. The Amsterdam photographer Adam Popo doesn’t need much: a muse, a camera, a pair of shoes, and a range of colourful stockings. Add a rowdy temperament and a thorough knowledge of art history, and you get a row of irreverent butts. Popo conjures up a sculpture on paper, places a punctuation mark that reminds us of Duchamp's urinal and photographer Edward Weston’s portraits of his toilet bowl: an object that does not deserve an artistic context, which is why it imposes itself on us as a carrier of beauty - the elegance of deformity.

94 p, ills colour, 27 x 17 cm, pb, Dutch/English


Adam Popo - Bums Looking Back