The Piano Mill

Bruce Wolf E.a.

Publisher Uro Publications

ISBN 9780994396600

Idea Code 18585

Situated in the remote highlands between Stanthorpe and Tenterfield, 'The Piano Mill' is a unique architectural feature, homage to the musical history of outback Australia, and outrageous musical instrument all in one. A nine-metre high raised tower, accessed by a hole through the centre, the internal structure is made of timber while the external walls are clad in copper. External shutters can be manually manipulated to create air flow and modulate the sound effects of the 16 pianos set against the external walls, split across the first floor and mezzanine level. With the instruments and musicians set inside, the audience are arranged outside, given a view of the inner mechanism through translucent windows.

96 p, ills colour & bw, 23 x 24 cm, pb, English


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