Luke Le - What Are You Looking For?

Publisher Perimeter Editions

ISBN 9781922545015

Idea Code 21406

In his first major artist book, Sydney-based artist Luke Le reroutes notions of diarism and the impromptu to broach new aesthetic and philosophical terrains. As a kind of open letter to a former life in Melbourne, the book forms both an intensely personal gesture and a wider provocation toward the subjectivities and assumptions that underpin photography itself. These raw, intuitive images created from scans of degraded Risograph prints are at once rooted in – and free of – place. Their dynamic gaze veers toward specificity, but never quite lands. Amidst the noise of their gritty, fine grain, Le’s images leave as many questions as answers.

170 p, ills colour & bw, 17 x 26 cm, pb, English