Cyril Galmiche

Publisher Lendroit Editions

ISBN 9782377510481

Idea Code 21022

Multidisciplinary French artist Cyril Galmiche cites minimal music as one of his many influences. Its repetitive aspect, often comprising a regular pulse, is echoed in the artist’s works through repetitions of gesture. In the vibration and tension of his meticulously rendered lines and points, Galmiche seeks the absolute balance between imperfection and perfection. This artist’s book contains 111 drawings from an ongoing project in which he aims to push the circular shape to its ultimate limits while exploring the hypnotic dimension of geometry. With its dizzying array of wavelengths, grids, swirls, circles, cross-hatches, and abstract motifs, the series becomes a set of meditations.

224 p, ills bw, 21 x 28 cm, pb, French/English


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