Saskia Groneberg - Vesuv, Venus

H. V. Trotha

Publisher Edition Taube

ISBN 9783945900857

Idea Code 21639

In ‘Vesuv, Venus’, Saskia Groneberg focuses on one of Europe’s most well-known garden monuments, Wörlitzer Park. She embarks on a fragmentary photographic journey in search of the dream of a paradise on Earth – the harmonious coexistence of humankind and nature. Moving through the park, space and time grow indistinguishable. Winter follows spring, detail follows sequence, dream leads to deconstruction. In fine gradations of grey, ultimately interwoven into a subtle narrative, she plays with the contradictory yet dreamlike spaces of this artificial nature, oscillating between utopia and reality, earthly and divine, dark and light, male and female.

160 p, ills bw, 24x30 cm, hb, German/English


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