Adolf Loos: Why A Man Should Be Well-Dressed

Adolf Loos

Publisher Metro

ISBN 9783993000400

Idea Code 11282

Throughout his life Adolf Loos raised his eloquent voice against the squandering of fine materials, frivolous ornamentation and unnecessary embellishments. His admirers consider him to be the inspiration for all modern architecture. Yet, few are acquainted with his amusing, incisive, critical and philosophical literary work reflecting on applied design and the essence of clothing in fin de siècle Vienna. Adolf Loos often had a radical, yet innovative outlook on life that made him such a nuisance for many of his contemporaries. His provocative musings on many subjects portray him as a man of varied interests and intellectual refinement as well as possessing a keen sense of style, which still has value today. For the first time the ‘Loos Dress Code’ is available in English. Included is a short social/historical look as the birth of Modernism in Adolf Loos’ Vienna.

128 p, ills bw, 12 X 19 cm, hb, English


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Adolf Loos: Why A Man Should Be Well-Dressed