Cats In Art

Publisher Seigensha

ISBN 9784861526633

Idea Code 18388

Lovers of cats and art are often one and the same, making this anthology from Seigensha all the more appealing. Gathering examples from the history of both Western and Japanese art – from paintings, etchings, and sculptures, to plenty of ukiyo-e prints – it celebrates our multifaceted relationship with these animals as expressed through feline appearances in artworks. Such depictions are categorised in five chapters: Holy Cats and Evil Cats (deified, harbingers, or good luck talismans), Cats in Lives (our mutually adoring relationships), Cats in Various Situations (snoozing, stealing, playing), and Various Metamorphosis of Cats (wildly anthropomorphic imaginations).

198 p, ills colour & bw, 19 x 26 cm, pb, Japanese


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