Residential Masterpieces 17: Richard Meier Smith House/ Douglas House

Publisher Ada Edita Global Architecture

ISBN 9784871406420

Idea Code 14712

Richard Meier’s characteristic geometric designs make prominent use of the colour white, as illustrated here in two of his iconic residential works from the late 1960s and early ’70s. Skilfully captured by renowned architectural photographer Yukio Futagawa, the Smith House and Douglas House are superb demonstrations of Meier’s design principles of the time in the form of wooden architecture. In essence, he reshaped the European-born modernist style into something more fittingly vernacular, emerging as an American-style residential architecture that maintains the comfort and ambience essential to a home. The volume features abundant photos, plus plans and drawings.

80 p, ills in colour, 26 x 37 cm, pb, Japanese/English