A+U 584 19:05 Mid-Century Modern Houses In New Canaan

Publisher Shinkenchiku-sha

ISBN 9784900212367

Idea Code 19221

Popularly known as the location of the Glass House by Philip Johnson, New Canaan, Connecticut, is home to a number of other striking modernist residences designed by Harvard graduates of his generation. After nearly 40 years, the homes conceived by Marcel Breuer, Alan Goldberg, Eliot Noyes, Landis Gores, John Johansen, John Black Lee, Hugh Smallen, Edward Durell Stone, and Frank Lloyd Wright still continue to fascinate. Guest edited by Alan Goldberg and with new photographs by Michael Biondo, this issue examines the thought processes behind the designs of the houses of that seminal era through a large collection of valuable original drawings and documents.

206 p, ills colour & bw, 21 x 29 cm, pb, Japanese/English


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