Yuji Hamada - Primal Mountain

Seigow Matsuoka

Publisher Torch Press

ISBN 9784907562199

Idea Code 20024

At first glance, the photographs in ‘Primal Mountain’ appear to depict alpine sceneries. But upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that these are not mountains in the literal sense, but topographies composed of artificial materials. Amazed by the beauty and perceived fiction of a postcard from a friend, Yuji Hamada was inspired to question the principle of mountains in general. The landscapes fabricated in his images therefore play tricks with our perception, raising questions as to what causes us to recognise mountains as such. The reverse side of each page shows an enlarged shot of the image on its front, further blurring the boundary between reality and fantasy.

112 p, ills colour, 29 x 21 cm, pb, Japanese/English


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