Left Hand Right Hand

Fleur Van Dodewaard Ed.

Publisher Torch Press

ISBN 9784907562311

Idea Code 21450

Dutch conceptual artist Fleur van Dodewaard provided the concept and instructions for a project which became actualised in the small mountain village of Kamiyama, located on the island of Shikoku in southern Japan. Fifteen inhabitants of the village were given a disposable camera and asked to take pictures of objects, colours, movement, their loved ones, and their surroundings. ‘Left Hand Right Hand’ is the published outcome, a work referencing and created in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. Van Dodewaard’s goal is to celebrate freedom in times of restrictions, creating bonds overseas while travelling in spirit to a place of dreams.

128 p, ills colour, 16 x 30 cm, pb, Japanese/English


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