Bana'i Script

Zeinnab Shahidi

Publisher Nazar Publishing

ISBN 9786001520433

Idea Code 14474

What sets apart the Baná’í Script from other forms of Farsi script is its horizontal and vertical, orthogonal lines. The formal concepts underlying the Baná’í Script is developed from strategies related to fitting a given text in different inscription shapes while maintaining a set composition between the background and the text. This book contains three parts. The first part introduces all that has been gathered from older texts on varieties of the Baná’í Script. The following section is the result of the author’s personal research on existing inscriptions in two main areas of “regulations on how to break with existing rules on drafting letters”, and “developing new relations in inscription writing”. The third part of the book is devoted to an archive of formal possibilities in the Baná’í Script.

144 p, ills colour, 17 x 21 cm, pb, Persian/English


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