Designs In Iron Of The City Of Tehran

Mostafa Hamidi (ed)

Publisher Nazar Publishing

ISBN 9786001522345

Idea Code 17146

Researched and compiled by Mostafa Hamidi, this look at iron doors and window frames in the city of Tehran focuses on buildings erected from the late 1920s until the early ’70s. Knowing that architecture is a mirror of social and cultural transformation, he intends to raise awareness for the conservation of a specific vernacular based on a combination of Iranian and Western forms. The variety of patterns is impressive and completely modern in comparison with the regular compositions of the previous era, yet the Iranian-Arabesque contours can still be easily traced. Richly illustrated, it offers a fascinating history of shifting architectural trends in Tehran through the 20th century.

116 p, ills colour, 23 x 22 cm, pb, Persian/English


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